To Pin or Not To Pin

Not much crafting got done this past week. One of those weeks when life got in the way.

Ipad Rest

To relax when my mind was in a blah mood I spent a bit of time on Pinterest I hadn’t really spent much time on there in ages and I’d forgotten how addictive that site is. It got me thinking it is so easy to get lost in a world of pins and re-pinning. You can create new boards adhoc if the perfect thing you found to pin won’t fit amongst your current boards. It is a great place to put ideas and inspiration to look back for future use but how many of us actually go back and use the stuff we’ve pinned. How many items have you made from ideas you’ve pinned? How many times have you pinned something twice? Admittedly I have made a couple of the items I’ve pinned. These capes and the Ipad rest were both Pinterest finds.

Cape L

Unfortunately most of what I pin just stays as a dream. When I’m on Pinterest I think I develop 2 different personalities. There is the side of me who pins a page and instantly know when I’m going to make it and who its for. The other side of me is more dreamy I pin pages with the hope that one day I might make that or do that. One day I’ll learn to crochet more difficult items, one day I’ll knit something other than a square or triangle.

I love Pinterest but I really hope I’m not the only person in the world who never actually does anything with the majority of their pins.


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