Wheres The Pair

This is one of the first toys I ever made and still might be my favourite.

Match The Pair

The pattern is by Val Laird. When I first saw a photo of this in a craft magazine I feel in love with it. Unfortunately the pattern was in a previous issue so on Ebay I went and tracked myself down a copy. I’ve only now discovered Val’s blog and that you can purchase the pattern there. Val done a few kids items and I really like her work. Flipping through craft mags I can pick out Val’s work by just looking at them.

For this toy the shapes are hand appliqued onto the tiles. The tiles are machine stitched then slipped stitch to finish. I opted to make a carry bag to keep the tiles in instead of a box. Last year I made this toy for 2 different children.


3 thoughts on “Wheres The Pair

  1. I am also a sucker for Val Laird’s patterns! I’ve got heaps of them eiher torn out of mags and filed away, or bookmarked in whole magazines. The biggest one I’ve made of her designs was “My Pantry” for my husband’s niece’s daughters. They loved it to bits, literally!

    • Gina, “My Pantry” is a lovely design. Glad to hear that those lucky little ones you made it for enjoyed it so much. I love seeing a child (or adult) enjoy something I’ve made.

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