Snap Snap

I had a very productive Friday Night.


I made these are self covered buttons and snap clips using fabric I found after raiding my scrap stash. I learnt how to make self covered buttons earlier this year and I think they are little gems. You can buy self covered buttons from your local craft store but I get mine from Jackobindi They are super simple to make. You just cut the fabric you need, place it in the assembly tool, put in your button front, tuck the fabric around it and snap on the back of the button or clip. Too easy.

These will be part of my Christmas gifts this year so that’s 6 more gifts complete. Oh and 1 purple hair tie for me.


2 thoughts on “Snap Snap

    • Thank you, they do make great gifts. You can personalise them for the child or adult. If the child wears a school uniform use a scrap of the fabric from an old uniform to make matching hairclips or ties.

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