Tunisian Crochet Useful Links

I’ve had a lot of feedback from people saying they would like to one day learn Tunisian Crochet so I thought I’d share a couple of websites I found helpful.

Tunisian Crochet Scarf

Before I took the Tunisian Crochet class at the recent craft show I did a bit of googling / pinteresting and found a great website that explains Tunisian Simple Stitch The tutorial is really easy to follow. The lady explains it really clearly. Her website also has a few other Tunisian stitches to try once you get more advanced. Once you get the grasp of the Simple Stitch the others are easy to learn. In the class I did I also learnt to do the purl and knit stitches. I’m a big fan of how the Simple Stitch looks.

Tunisian Crochet

Before making the scarf I had to learn how to change colours This website again has clear photos and explains how to do in clearly. In Tunisian Crochet you work across your work on the forward pass and return pass. This website demonstrates how to change colours on the forward pass and also on the return pass. Your items will have a different look depending on which way you change you colours. When making my scarf I always changed at the start of the Forward pass. This website also shows how to do the Simple Stitch as well.

Finished Scarf

I hope these 2 websites spur on people to give it ago. As I’ve mentioned Tunisian Crochet is really simple to learn. Its fast and looks really pretty.


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