Pentagon Ball

This is a very simple ball to make. It is constructed using English Paper Piecing. I learnt technique last year but haven’t had a chance to use it yet.


This ball is entirely made up from scraps and leftovers. The paper pentagons were recycled from office paper that had only being printed on one side. The fabric was in my scrap stash from when I made the superhero capes I basted the paper with random half full bobbins I had in my sewing box. Remember previously I said I do a lot of sewing in pink well that has resulted in me having a lot of half full bobbins in dark pink so used them to whip stitch the pieces together. In the end I returned about 4 bobbins back to my sewing machine.

This will be a gift for a baby this Christmas so one more gift completed on my list.


Fleece Scarves

After cutting the backing fabric for Snug As A Blanket I had some strips of polar fleece leftover. Instead of storing them away to use in a project “one day” I decided to make some scarves.

Fleece Scarves

I found this scarf pattern However I made it a little different. Mine are only 4″ x 40″ as they are for young kids and I only used 2 layers of fabric per scarf. I didn’t really measure out the sewing lines I just kinda did one line up the centre and one about the width of the presser foot either side. I wasn’t fussy when I cut it so some strips are wider than others but that doesn’t matter.

From the amount of fabric I was able to make 3. One for the girl to match her blanket and 2 for her to give to cousins or friends. Kids like having the same item as their friends so I thought this could be a cozy little item to share.

Ipad Rest

I was really excited to find this idea on Pinterest. This is the 2nd one I’ve made this year

Ipad Rest

I use this pattern It is really easy to follow however I do warn you to watch when you sewing the seams that you have a pyramid shape in the main section and not a rectangle which I did the first time I made it. When filling it with rice don’t have small animals or young children around cause your bound to spill some rice so keep the vacuum cleaner on standby.

I like giving ipad rests as gifts. They are quick to make but are really functional and modern. You can also make a version for kindles by just reducing the size of the pattern.

Snug As A Blanket

Another Christmas present complete. This is probably the most difficult Christmas gift I’m making this year. Certainly the one that has the most detail.

In A Stitch or Two I showed a photo of the half completed Baby Bug stitchery by Melly and Me. As you can see I finished it and decided to put it in the centre of a blanket.


I planned it out in my mind it would be a flannelette top and binding with a polar fleece backing. I brought all the fabric hand stitched the stitchery into place on the top fabric and decided it just didn’t look right. It was a tiny circle on a big pink sheet. It needed more.

Top Bugs

The Baby Bug kit also came with a rattle which I made Snug As A Baby Using the colour chart that came in the kit I traced the bug 6 times and back stitched each bug using random colours. I loved how it turned out. It really looks like a cute blanket now and not just something thrown together.

Bottom Bugs

After sewing the sewing the blanket top and backing together I decided to make continuous bias binding. I made it once a couple years ago with my mum but she did all the calculating and measuring I just did all the cutting and stitching. That was for a similar size blanket (the blanket in my photo) but we made it in 2 lengths. I decided this time I would make the entire blanket in one length. Not a good idea. I googled to see what length I would need and saw I would need a 32 inch square (I think I got it wrong) The square was huge. When I stitched the 2 halves together to form the parallelogram it was longer than any ruler I had. I don’t know if my lines were fully straight when I marked them up and cut them. In the end it all worked out and I had ample to machine sew around the edge of the back before hand stitching it to the front. I have lots of binding left over to use in other projects now. I spent many hours in front of the tv stitching this blanket. It was well worth it in the end. I’m sure the little girl who gets this will love it.

Finished Blanket

Crochet Headband

This is my first attempt at a kids crocheted headband. Its in the colours of the child’s school uniform.

Crochet Headband

I used the pattern from Mom of 5 Daughters I added a simple flower

After giving it to the child I was asked if I could make a wider headband that was more an ear warmer for winter. Here is what I came up with

Ear Warmer

I made a simple 18 chain then did trebles each row until it looked long enough before slip stitching the ends together as done in the above pattern. Again I made a few basic flowers and stitched them on.


Introducing Maisie


Or should I say Maisies. Maisie is by Kate Henderson from the Big Book of Sofites. I followed the pattern instructions except I stitched closed the limbs before I pinned them to the body. I also opted not to use some many fabrics as the pattern said. I embellished it slightly different too. I needed to make multiple Maisies for twins so I chose the limb fabric first to use in both than selected the fabrics for each doll. What I loved most was I stitching in colours other than purple or pink for a change. I tend to make a lot of girly things for kids so it was fun to be making dolls that weren’t the normal girly colours.

That’s 2 more Christmas gifts completed.

Tunisian Crochet Useful Links

I’ve had a lot of feedback from people saying they would like to one day learn Tunisian Crochet so I thought I’d share a couple of websites I found helpful.

Tunisian Crochet Scarf

Before I took the Tunisian Crochet class at the recent craft show I did a bit of googling / pinteresting and found a great website that explains Tunisian Simple Stitch The tutorial is really easy to follow. The lady explains it really clearly. Her website also has a few other Tunisian stitches to try once you get more advanced. Once you get the grasp of the Simple Stitch the others are easy to learn. In the class I did I also learnt to do the purl and knit stitches. I’m a big fan of how the Simple Stitch looks.

Tunisian Crochet

Before making the scarf I had to learn how to change colours This website again has clear photos and explains how to do in clearly. In Tunisian Crochet you work across your work on the forward pass and return pass. This website demonstrates how to change colours on the forward pass and also on the return pass. Your items will have a different look depending on which way you change you colours. When making my scarf I always changed at the start of the Forward pass. This website also shows how to do the Simple Stitch as well.

Finished Scarf

I hope these 2 websites spur on people to give it ago. As I’ve mentioned Tunisian Crochet is really simple to learn. Its fast and looks really pretty.