Cutting Small Pattern Pieces

At the recent Darling Harbour Craft show one of the workshops I attend was by Claire from Craft Schmaft. She gave a really good tip for cutting small pattern pieces. Instead of pinning the pattern piece to the fabric use sticky tape to hold the pattern piece in place.

Small Pattern Piece

In my latest project I thought I’d give it a go when I had to cut some small circles. The tape worked really well, it held the pattern to the felt and once cut the pattern and felt easily came apart. Claire said each layer of tape you put over the pattern laminates it. Using clear tape you just keep adding a layer every time you use it. The fabric wasn’t left sticky afterwards. I’ve also just tried it on another piece that was slightly larger than the circles and used a wider sticky tape I had however you could use your regular tape just over lap the layers until the piece is all covered.


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