A Piece For Me

One day I’m going to make myself a 1000 pyramid quilt. It’s on my project bucket list.

I’m slowly building up my supply of triangles. Each time I use fabric in a project if the fabric is suitable I take a triangle piece from it. I’m trying to stick to 100% cotton. I have a zip bag in my scrap stash that contains all the cut pieces and a plastic template so I’ve got it on hand to add to it when I’m cleaning up after a project.


As the majority of what I make gets given as gifts I like that concept that I’m still holding on to a memory of the gift in the form of the scrap fabric triangle. I only take one piece from each fabric no matter how many times I may use that fabric in different projects. Latest count is over 100 pieces so I still have a fair way to go if I want to get to 1000 pieces.


4 thoughts on “A Piece For Me

  1. Hi, I really love what you make for littlies. I have made a fabric/quiet book for my granddaughter and they are a really lovely gift for children. Do you go on the DTE forum as I can’t find a name/nickname anywhere? If not, you would be most welcome to share your great sewing there.

    • Nanna Chel, I’ve only just started to go onto the DTE forum again after joining around 12 months ago. I’m Stitchsew. I’d love to start going on there regularly and catching up with what everyone is doing

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