Snug As A Baby

I needed to make a gift for a newborn so I decided to make a set of burp cloths and a rattle.

Snug As A Baby

The rattle is part of the Baby Bug stitchery I mentioned in A Stitch or Two by Melly and Me. I didn’t make it the way the kit says too I decided to make it into a rectangle and used some of the surrounding fabric the stitchery was printed on as the back of the rattle. I also stitched it in a different colour combination.

On pinterest I found a burp cloth pattern. I opted to cut the fabric 10″ x 19″ I couldn’t buy toweling fabric so instead purchased a bath towel and cut it to size. I also slipped stitched closed the openings. The bug fabric is Where The Wind Blows also by Melly and Me. I like how it ties in with the rattle. The stripe fabric is just some fabric that I found in my stash that I thought matches in colour wise. There is a slight white floral print over the stripes that to me linked in with the butterfly and lady bug theme.

I used my walking foot to sew the burp cloths. Now that I actually got it working it was a lot easier to sew thicker fabrics. I’m also learning to leave a decent gap for turning the items right side out. My slip stitch is improving so I’m getting more confident to leave the wider gap.


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