Fabric Book – Colours

A couple of weeks back I mention I was working on 2 books well here is the first one I finished.


Its based on the Rag Book pattern Crinkly Critters by Kids Quilts I added my own style and decided I wanted to make it into a book teaching colours. I set myself a challenge to theme each page in a colour and only use fabric from my scrap stash.

Red / Green

I made the pages a little larger so I could hand stitch the colour on each page. I used calico to make the pages look like a “Grown Up’s” book. Also the neutral backgrounds helps the colours to really stand out.


The pages are lined with polar fleece to make them soft and squishy.


To bind all the pages I thought I’d use my Walking foot for the first time ever but the sewing machine didn’t like it and kept saying overload so I resorted back to using my regular foot. The spine binding is slip stitched on by hand using left over bias binding my mum helped me make years ago on my first ever real big sewing project a polar fleece blanket.

I took a picture the reverse side of them all I really like the look of it.

Reverse Side


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