Toy Pasta

I was given an unusual mission last year to create some toy pasta for a 2 year old who was obsessed with pasta. This is what I’ve come up with.

Bowl of Pasta

The straighter pieces are knitted just casting on 2 stitches and knitting them to a length that looked long enough. I found it was easier to crochet them just doing a chain and doing random doubles and trebles to make them spiral. To make the curl I just did a chain and did 2 trebles in a stitch than a dc or sc then another couple of trebles.

This year I made another batch of pasta for a gift and did it a little different this time.

Pasta Bundle

I brought some chenille yarn to use as the longer pieces and cut it into lengths. Using pinking shears I cut rectangles out of polar fleece and felt and hand stitched a running stitch in the centre of them pulling the cotton slightly to gather it. I did the crocheted pieces the same as before doing a chain then doing 2 trebles followed by a dc or sc then a couple of trebles. This time I made a little bag to keep them in.

The pasta is so simple to make. You could use any coloured scraps of fabric or yarn you like to make them. Warning if make a batch you may start to find little pieces all over your house however unlike lego they don’t hurt if you tread on them. Plus if you ever loose them all it doesn’t take long to whip up another batch.


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