Tooth Fairy Pillows

Tooth Fairy Pillows are really simple to make

For the front I use a 6.5″ square of sateen that I hand stitch the child’s initial on. I use another 6.5″ square in a contrasting fabric that I fold wrong sides together with the fold sitting halfway up the pillow.


For the back I use a 6.5″ square Tilda charm square. I machine sew all layers together and turn out through an opening at the top. The contrasting fabric on the front forms the pocket for the tooth to sit in. I stuff it using hobbyfill and slip stitch the opening closed.


I like to keep the pillow simple so when the child is older they can still use the pillow to hide things in or just as a little pillow for their room. This method can easily be made for either boys or girls by changing the fabric selected.

I give this as a birthday gift for 5 year olds so its on hand for when they do start loosing their teeth. Tooth Fairies have told me the large pocket makes it easier for when they are visiting during the night.

2 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy Pillows

    • Thanks Fairy. Hope the Tooth Fairie’s helper gets one done before its needed. The pillows are really simple to make and I wanted something that the kids wouldn’t out grow like other Tooth Fairy Pillows I’ve seen.

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