So I mentioned in making the Fabric Books I had trouble with my Walking Foot. Well after a quick look at YouTube it turns out I don’t think I was attaching it to my machine properly. I just screwed it on and didn’t know anything about where the arm needed to be placed. Hmm….. Leasson learnt.


Ring Ring

I’ve started making my Christmas gifts.


These are simple little rings that I made to go with other presents for 4 girls. These would be one of the quickest gifts on my gift list to make taking me about 10 minutes in total.

Other gift progress I’ve finished the Snug As A Bug Stitchery and have decided to make it as part of a blanket for one gift.

Fabric Book – Colours

A couple of weeks back I mention I was working on 2 books well here is the first one I finished.


Its based on the Rag Book pattern Crinkly Critters by Kids Quilts I added my own style and decided I wanted to make it into a book teaching colours. I set myself a challenge to theme each page in a colour and only use fabric from my scrap stash.

Red / Green

I made the pages a little larger so I could hand stitch the colour on each page. I used calico to make the pages look like a “Grown Up’s” book. Also the neutral backgrounds helps the colours to really stand out.


The pages are lined with polar fleece to make them soft and squishy.


To bind all the pages I thought I’d use my Walking foot for the first time ever but the sewing machine didn’t like it and kept saying overload so I resorted back to using my regular foot. The spine binding is slip stitched on by hand using left over bias binding my mum helped me make years ago on my first ever real big sewing project a polar fleece blanket.

I took a picture the reverse side of them all I really like the look of it.

Reverse Side

Never To Early To Start Thinking Christmas

A couple of weeks ago I sat down and wrote out my gift ideas list for Christmas 2013. I counted that I will be making gifts for around 14 individuals so my present list itself is around 27 items. Some items are small and only take a few minutes others are not so small and may take a weekend or two. On top of that I still have a couple of birthday gifts to finish off for this year.

I’ve set myself the goal of trying to complete one gift per week so that come December if I’m a little behind I won’t be stressing out. Last year I had all my gifts finished on December 16 which was great cause it gave me time to start planning my 2013 birthday gifts.

So at the moment I’m pretty confident for xmas. I do need to finialize some of the gifts. I have the word Softie written against a lot of names so within the coming weeks I’ll pick which Softies to make. Any excuse to flip through craft mags and books.

Toy Pasta

I was given an unusual mission last year to create some toy pasta for a 2 year old who was obsessed with pasta. This is what I’ve come up with.

Bowl of Pasta

The straighter pieces are knitted just casting on 2 stitches and knitting them to a length that looked long enough. I found it was easier to crochet them just doing a chain and doing random doubles and trebles to make them spiral. To make the curl I just did a chain and did 2 trebles in a stitch than a dc or sc then another couple of trebles.

This year I made another batch of pasta for a gift and did it a little different this time.

Pasta Bundle

I brought some chenille yarn to use as the longer pieces and cut it into lengths. Using pinking shears I cut rectangles out of polar fleece and felt and hand stitched a running stitch in the centre of them pulling the cotton slightly to gather it. I did the crocheted pieces the same as before doing a chain then doing 2 trebles followed by a dc or sc then a couple of trebles. This time I made a little bag to keep them in.

The pasta is so simple to make. You could use any coloured scraps of fabric or yarn you like to make them. Warning if make a batch you may start to find little pieces all over your house however unlike lego they don’t hurt if you tread on them. Plus if you ever loose them all it doesn’t take long to whip up another batch.

Pram Bumper Taggie Tutorial

A friend gave me a challenge to make a Pram Bumper Taggie. After looking at the one she had purchased I thought yep I can do that and this is what I came up with.

Pram Bumper Taggie

5.5″ x 21″ Fabric (toweling, fleece, flannel, lycra, cotton)
5″ x 8 pieces Ribbons
4″ x 2 pieces Elastic


To Make
Take your fabric and on each end fold the short ends over Wrong Sides Facing enough to fit your elastic in and pin.

Side ends

I stitched each end first with a row of plain stitch and then a row of serger stitch. Insert elastic stretching to fit and pin.

Fold your rectangle in half Right Sides Facing. Take each ribbon fold in half and pin along open edge of rectangle with the loops facing inwards ensuring the ribbon ends are over the edge of the rectangle.

Fold and pin ribbon

Stitch along the rectangle with a good 1/4 inch seem. Sew a second row of stitching on the inside of the your first row just to ensure the ribbons have been doubled stitched. Trim ribbon tales and do a row of serger stitch over the edge.

Trimmed and Ready

Turn out and you have own Pram Bumper Taggie.

Pram Bumper with Taggie

A Stitch or Two

To be honest I’ve never really been into Stitcheries. As a kid I did a couple of printed cross stitches which were fun but the idea of having to count tiny squares or transfer complicated patterns onto fabric never appealed to me I’m too lazy. Also no designs have ever screamed out “Stitch Me”  Over the years I’ve written words in chalk pencil and hand embroidered over it on different projects such as bookmarks, cloth books and christmas decorations. But never really took to stitcheries until now….

At Urban Stitches I got a taste for stitcheries and I now currently have 2 on the go. Both are pre-printed onto the fabric so I don’t have to think I can just relax and stitch. I also have a wish list for future ones to purchase.

The first is Baby Bug by Melly and Me

Snug As A But

As you can see I’m about half way through it. It comes as a kit that you can make up to place in a photoframe of your choosing. I’m not sure once its done if I’ll place it in a frame or maybe make it as part of a blanket of something. You can’t see it but there is also a printed outline of a beetle that can be made up into a rattle for a baby. I haven’t worked on this one in a few weeks so I’m itching to get back to it.

The second is Angels Watching by Rosalie Quinlan

Angels Watching

Again I’m about half way through it. Once finished this one will put in a frame and sit above my sewing area. What I love most about this one is cause its the one colour I don’t have to think. Even if I only just have a mintue I can pick this one up and do a few stitches. I try and do a couple of minutes on it each day.

With both pieces I know some of my stitches haven’t been perfect but only I’m going to notice the imperfections. I’m still learning and its about having fun doing them which I do. I find them relaxing. Give me tv and my stittchery and I’m a happy Hop.