Baby Blocks

Baby Blocks complete.

These will be given to a one year old so I was looking for something that easy for them to hold but not going to hurt them if they fell on them or if an older sibling threw it at them.

Baby Blocks

These blocks are made up of 3.5″ x 3.5″ squares. Each block has one plain side that has a hand appliqued letter on it and 5 printed sides. I went through my fabric stash to find the most vibrant fabric that I thought would be stimulating to babies. I was looking for small printed fabric to get the most in a 3.5″ square. They are machined sewed. I didn’t follow the golden rule of over stuffing as my sewing hasn’t been the straightist on them and some sides aren’t square. I thought over stuffing them might make them look more misshapen. I stuffed them until they resembled a cube shaped then slip stitched them closed. I made another set of these last year and at the same time cut all the fabric and did the hand applique for this lot. They have been sitting in a bag for nearly 12 months waiting to be made up.

Other activities for the week included starting a book. However its not what you first think. I’m making 2 fabric books as gifts for a 1 year old later in the year. I’ve been busy raiding my scrap stash looking for fabric.


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