Calico Bags

I decided to use a strip of the calico I dyed to make a couple of drawstring bags for toys I’ve made as gifts. They were really simple to make and only took me about 15 minutes. I haven’t labelled the bags so that they can be used for other purposes in future when the kids get too old for that toy.

Dyed Calico Bags

My other adventure for the weekend was working on some baby blocks for a birthday gift later in the year. I’d already assembled some but got the other 19 complete. Now to just stuff 26 blocks.

Baby Blocks In Progress

Just before Easter I got a new sewing cabinet. This was the first time I’d spent any extended period sewing on it and it was fantastic to work on. Before this I’d been using a 30+ year old card table that was my nan’s before I was even born. As much as I loved sewing on it, it was very old and rickety. With my new table I”m sitting up higher so my back isn’t getting some and my legs aren’t cramped. I spent about 5 hours sewing and didn’t notice. It made machine sewing so much more enjoyable.

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