Diesel & Detroit

I made these 2 little guys as a birthday gift for a friend recently. As she has unwrapped the gift I can now talk about them. Between us we have come up with the names Detroit the Cat and Diesel the Dog.

Diesel & Detroit

They are from Indygo Junction the dog is by Amy Barickman the cat is by Karen Kottke. Detroit looks very much like the cat in the pattern photo. Diesel I did the nose slightly different. His nose points out more then the pattern’s photo. I did the eyes different to the pattern on both. I hand pieced the heads. I used Clover yo-yo makers to do the puffs. I love using yo-yo makers as you can sit and do them in front of the tv and not worry if your doing them correctly just follow the holes. I’ve made 4 toys from Indygo Junction now and the patterns are really simple to follow. Most of the fabric I already had in my stash. I may of purchased one or two extra fabrics to get a good colour combination.

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