A Leap Into The Blog World

So I’m taking the big leap and becoming a blogger. I would love to share the adventures I have in sewing, stitching, crocheting and general crafting. In the real world you if you get me on the topic of crafting it is impossible to shut me up. I’m addicted to it. Crafting is my drug of choice and I can’t get enough of it.

I’m just a novice crafter. I only learnt how to machine sew 2 years ago. I’ve been hand sewing since I was a kid. I have great dreams of things I’ll make. I’ll never get through the To Do list in my head but I’ll have fun trying. I learn something from every item I make

The stuff I make doesn’t always turn out perfect. I’m known to stitch the odd crooked seam (drunken sailor style I call it) Each item I make is made with love so that over shadows any imperfections.

I generally don’t make items for myself. 90% of what I make are gifts for nieces, friends and friends kiddies. I love home made gifts. That each item is an individual. I may use the same pattern over and over but each gift is an unique fabric combination and stitched with a different amount of stitches.

Crafting is my stress release. When I’m crafting I’m forgetting about the rest of the world.

My aim is blog every Tuesday sewing adventures I’ve had over the weekend but if I can I’ll add posts at other times.

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