2nd Attempt Drawing With Brother ScanNCut

Drawing Attempt 2


Take 2 on the drawing with Brother ScanNCut. After my 1st attempt at drawing I did things a little differently second time around. This time I cut my fabric and stabilizer down so they easily fitted within the grid on the scanning mat. I scanned my background fabric in first so I could see the placement of the design on the actual fabric. It fed through the machine with ease this time. The pen drew easily and I just sat back and watched it do its magic. I was at first thinking that it had missed some of outside of the design until I looked at the paper design once it was finished and realised that the outside lines it had drawn were actually the sides of the cut paper pattern I’d scanned into the machine. Also there is a few odd marks in the middle which I realised was where there the paper pattern had staple marks or fold lines. As the ink will wash out it doesn’t matter they are there however next time I might delete them like I did a label that was on the original paper pattern.

So important things to remember when drawing onto fabric

  • Ensure your fabric is within the gridlines so that it feeds easy
  • Use the blue marking pen if you want the drawn picture to stay on your fabric for any length of time as the purple pen only lasts a couple of days
  • If possible delete any sections and lines you don’t want the machine to draw in
  • Relax its not a scary process and with the water soluble and air soluble pens any mistakes will disappear


Washing Out ScanNCut Blue Marking Pen



After my 1st attempt at drawing with my ScanNCut machine I backstitched around one shape to use as a test piece to see how easily the blue marking pen would wash out. I’ve never used an erasable marker so I contacted Brother to ask how to do it as in the box there is no instructions and I couldn’t find anywhere on the net that said it. The staff were really helpful and told me that I could either wash it out in warm or cold water and use detergent.



I decided to rinse it under cold water and was amazed at how the ink just disappeared in front of my very eyes. I was like a kid watching a magic trick as it was that instant. People who are used to using water soluble markers would probably think nothing of this but as mentioned I’ve never done it before and was worried at what and how to do. I’m really happy now cause I can go ahead with the project I have in mind now.

Sashiko Finished

Sashiko Finished

I have finished my Sashiko panel. Its only took me 4 weeks. I love the finished pattern. I’m a very geometric person so that is why I was drawn to this design. It will be turned into a pillow at some point.

The back looks fairly interesting too. I don’t know if I did the correct Sashiko knots to end and start the thread but it doesn’t look too messy on the back.

Sashiko Back

I will definitely do another Sashiko piece at some point but I’m not sure when. I have another stitchery planned before I can think of any other needlework.

My 1st Blogoversary


Wow I can’t believe its 1 year since I did my first post. I had no idea what I was doing then and to be honest 12 months on I still have no idea :-) After day 1 at Urban Stitches last year I thought I’d love to have a craft blog and within weeks I’d made it happen.

I go about my crafting and its only when I reflect back on things I see how much I’ve done. Some days and weeks I really have my Craft-jo happening and get a lot done other weeks I struggle. I still try and do something every day even if I don’t have time or not in the mood. I miss my craft if I don’t get a chance to do any. As I say to anyone who’ll listen crafting is my stress release. I’m calmer with craft in my hands.

Nanna Sukie's Tea Set

I’ve really enjoyed blogging about my craft adventures. Something’s turn out good some don’t. Blogging has also made me more accountable to finishing projects. If I blog about something I start then its motivation for me to finish it.

The blogging community is fantastic and so are the readers who take the time to comment. I may never meet you in person but I consider you friends as we share our craft journey with each other. Thank you to everyone who has left a comment over the last 12 months. I look forward to many more years blogging with you all

Fabric Needlecraft and More

Last Sunday I took a trip out to Fabric Needlecraft and More. In my opinion this place is the best kept craft secret in Sydney. It was previously known as the Fabric Cave. If you have never heard of it its basically like an op shop or second hand shop of craft supplies. All money raised goes to Achieve Australia which is charity supporting people with disabilities. The shop last year moved premises and is now located at 112 Bowden St Meadowbank. It has been operating in the Meadowbank area for nearly 20 years. Unfortunately I’ve only known about it for about the last couple of years otherwise I would’ve been a regular there for years.

Fabric Cave 6th April

All items are donated. Your free to drop off donations when you visit too. It is crafters dream you will find buttons, fabric, magazines, books, elastic, trims, patterns, wool, cottons, knitting needles, wadding. Its always a mystery to what will be there. On this trip I even saw a Spinners Wheel. Sometimes I go with a shopping list of supplies I need if they have them other times I just go and pick up whatever jumps out at me. They were having a 50% fabric sale so I picked up some fabric and elastic for a skirt that is on my todo list. I got some thread all the in the same colour for a stitchery. I found some cute fabric that will be perfect in some baby blocks I’m starting soon. The last thing I got was a quilters pencil eraser which will always come in handy. Normally I take items to donate but as I hadn’t been to the new premises before and knew they would be busy with the sale I’ll take them in next time. The shop is only open Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays 9am – 2pm and the 1st Sunday each month 9am-12pm. If you ever get the chance to go I urge you to go knew know what bargains you will find.

Heat Pack

Heat Pack

This heat pack is an order I got from work whilst selling my eye pillows. This is for an older child who likes the colour red and I found out is a fan of Soccer. I knew I had this fabric in my stash and thought it would be perfect straight away. I measured a heat pillow I already had at home to get the dimensions for both the outer cover and calico bag inside. I fill my heat packs with rice just like I use in the eye pillows and Ipad Rests

1st Attempt At Drawing With Brother ScanNCut

I thought I’d have a go at drawing a stitchery design onto fabric with my ScanNCut machine. It wasn’t a full success but it wasn’t a total failure.

Drawing Attempt 1

Unfortunately my fabric was outside the cutting mat gridlines slightly which meant it caught on the rollers as it went through the machine and the fabric moved. That’s ok lesson learnt is that I need to cut my fabric smaller so it is within the gridlines. As I could see the design wasn’t going to be drawn out in full I cancelled it to save on pen ink. I’m going to still use this piece as a test piece to stitch and then see if how well the pen washes out. I used the blue pen as it lasts until washing. The purple pen only lasts 2-14 days which isn’t long enough for me.

On the upside I did discover how to delete a portion of the pattern that I didn’t want. I’ve written myself instructions so I know what to do next time.