Cozy Blanket CAL March 2015

I’m a little excited in 2015 I’m going to do my first Crochet-A-Long (CAL)

Cozy Kit

Currently Lucy from Attic24 is running a CAL for her Cozy Blanket, however in Australia it is a bit warm at this time of year to make a blanket so the lovely Sharon from Lilabelle Lane is organising an Autumn CAL next March when it gets a bit cooler for us. As soon as I saw a picture of this blanket I knew I wanted to be involved. I’ve been a fan of Lucy’s for some time and it was from her blog that I learnt how to do Granny Stripe blankets. For this project it wasn’t compulsory to get the yarn pack that Lucy uses but I decided too. The pack cost less than A$50 and it arrived from the UK in a week. I couldn’t believe the delivery time that was great. I’ve never purchased wool from overseas so it was another first for me. The wool feels so soft and the colours are great. I’ve printed the pattern and I’m ready to go. The pattern is so simple and only uses 1 stitch (Treble Crochet) which happens to be one of the two crochet stitches I can actually do.

A Ball With Nanna

Nanna Ball
I’ve made another ball however this one is a little bit different. The green floral fabric that I have used is from the stash of mum’s old pj’s. The ball is for a niece whom has only just arrived this year so won’t get to play with Nanna in person, however with this ball she’ll always get to play with Nanna. As the ball doesn’t look like a baby toy I can see this staying with the child as she grows. It’s a great little size to be tossed around a bedroom without damage when she is older.

On the sewing side this is done with English Paper Piecing using off cuts in my fabric scrap stash. I tack the pieces with leftover bobbins to empty them off. To whip stitch it together I used a tiny reel of thread I found in my stash that I can’t put on my sewing machine. This project is a good project to use up bits and pieces in your stash.

5000 Poppies – My Contribution

If your in Australia or New Zealand you may of heard about the 5000 Poppies project. For those unaware of it the project started in Australia in the aim to make poppies to be planted (placed) in Federation Square, Melbourne on Anzac Day 2015 to commemorate 100 years of service by Australian servicemen and women who have served our country in both war and peacetime. The call went out for individuals around the country to contribute by making a poppy. A similar project is also running in New Zealand.


As soon as I heard about the project I knew I wanted to be involved. As a knitter it was just the thing for me. There are various patterns you can follow. I had intentions of making heaps but have decided if I can send 2 really nice poppies in I’d be proud to have contributed to the project. 2 is my favourite number and therefore that makes it a little more special for me. When I see the display on the tv which will be amazing I can know that amongst them are 2 little poppies that came out of my heart with respect and gratefulness.

Farmyard Friends Bookmarks

Farmyard Friends

2 more Christmas presents finished. These bookmarks are from Farmyard Friends by Julie Lembit which was published in the Holiday Craft 2011 magazine. There are 6 designs but these little guys just spoke to me. Even though these guys are very simple I did have a boo boo moment when I was stitching them together. In the haste of not paying attention to what I was doing I put the backing on the wrong way and when I stitched the dog realised I was meant to have the pieces right sides facing therefore I couldn’t turn it out the right way. When I was stitching I had the embroidered side down and my mind was thinking something is wrong here but instead of stopping I kept going. I was going to trim around the edge and call it a design feature but I wasn’t happy so got out my unpicker for some reverse sewing and un did it all. I’m glad I did. Had a I used a contrasting colour it would’ve looked ok but plain white just looked out of place around the edge.

New Tooth Fairy Pillows

I have a couple of soon to be 5 year olds so I needed to do some more Tooth Fairy pillows

Toothfairy Pillows

I did things a little different this time as I did a chain stitch to embroider the name instead of just regular backstitch. I used my frixion pens to mark out the letters and then ironed them once I was done to remove any line marks

When I was turning these out I did have a moment of panic I thought I had put the pocket on the wrong side of the pillow however I quickly remembered that since I make the pockets double sided (fold them wrong sides together) it is impossible to put the pocket on the wrong side unless I place it on the wrong side of my printed fabrics.

I can say I’ve completed one item of my next years birthday gifts as I need one of these for early January.

Toot Toot

Toot Toot

Toot Toot

This is a little softie that I will give as a Christmas present this year. As it will be the child’s first Christmas I can get away with showing this early. I used my embroidery machine to do the lettering then placed the train pattern around the letters to ensure if it fitted before cutting it out and stitching it up. This is a really simple gift that I have also made previously but in that instance I hand embroidered the letters. What I really like about doing this toy is that it can be given to a young child without risk of them hurting themselves as it has not parts or choking hazards yet the child can hold onto it for years to come as a keepsake as it doesn’t look like a baby toy. I hope as a teenager this is still in their room.

Embroidery Machine First Attempt

On a personal note I think this is a great first project if your just starting machine embroidery. It started as a rectangle square that I backed with stabilizer, hooped up, attached to the machine, set simple lettering on the machine, hit start and 5 minutes later I had a piece of fabric I could then cut into a toy. I was very intimidated by machine embroidery but this was a simple project that I could do where I was testing out how to use the machine yet making a practical item at the same time. I find it very hard to do an exercise or project without a purpose.